West Fountain Capital Management Limited ("West Fountain") were organized under the strategy related to the global expansion of Shenzhen Capital Group Company Limited ("Shenzhen Capital Group"). In order to become a renowned international investment institution, Shenzhen Capital Group is dedicated to discovering, exploring and investing in global high-tech, high-growth companies. For this reason, Shenzhen Capital Group, with the help of global elite investors and industry experts who are rich in investment experience and resources, initiated and participated in the management of West Fountain to explore international markets.

The management team of West Fountain has designed a unique parallel fund management structure, upon which the same management team jointly manages the domestic investment management company, Wanrong Hongtu and the overseas management company West Fountain. Under its management, the West Fountain USD/RMB Parallel Funds are a rare and very successful case of Venture Capital parallel funds.

West Fountain’s investment thesis is: "Invest in the smartest company and solve the most difficult problems", while also adhering to the vision of Shenzhen Capital Group to discover and cultivate great companies.