West Fountain Global Fund Limited Partnership ("West Fountain ") and Shenzhen Qianhai Wanrong Hongtu Investment Fund LP ("Wanrong Hongtu") form the parallel funds. Shenzhen Capital Group participated in the establishment and management of these RMB/USD parallel funds (referred to as "West Fountain Parallel Fund"),which together have a total assets under management equivalent to approximately RMB $4 billion (USD $600 million).The Parallel funds mainly engage in venture capital investments and cross-border mergers and acquisitions of domestic and foreign high-tech companies.

As of December 31, 2020, West Fountain Parallel Fund has invested in a total of 24 companies, including investments in the United States, Germany, Israel, Japan and other countries, most of which have become unicorns in their sectors.

Highlighted investments include:

  • Desktop Metal, Inc., (NYSE:DM), the world's leading 3D metal printing solution provider, located in US;

  • Grail,Inc.,the world's leading early cancer genetic testing company, located in the US (Illumina, Inc. Acquisition Pending);

  • Ambiq Micro,Inc., the world's leading ultra-low-power wearable and IoT chip design company, located in the US;

  • Ripcord, the world's leading content digitization provider in US;

  • Tytocare Ltd., the world's leading tele-health service and equipment provider, located in Israel;

  • Innoviz Ltd., the world's leading Lidar company, located in Israel;

  • Codasip GmbH, the world's leading RISC-V IP design company, located in Germany;

  • GrooveX,Inc., the world's leading emotional robot company, located in Japan;

  • ASR Microelectronics, the world's leading mobile intelligent communication terminal SoC, Internet of Things, AI, satellite navigation and other consumer electronics chips provider, located in China;

  • Bestechnic,Inc.,(SH:688608),the world's leading Smart Audio SoC provider, located in China;

  • E-town Semiconductor, a leading semiconductor equipment provider, located in China;

  • Arkbio, a leading Chinese antiviral innovative drug company;

  • Longcheer Technology, a leading Chinese smart electronics products and services provider;



With its unique structure and excellent management team, the West Fountain Parallel Fund has achieved Shenzhen Capital Group’s first overseas direct investment that successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange in just three years after investment, and that company has become the world's largest Metal 3D printing company in market cap. In the future, West Fountain Parallel Fund will have more portfolio companies landing on the global capital market, and the golden harvest season for overseas investment will arrive.