Li has accumulated decades of rich experience in the Private Equity and Venture Capital markets. She has cultivated many strong skills in these industries, bringing very unique insights and strong managerial skills. She has led both the domestic and overseas PE/VC-related projects, including overseeing investment due diligence, investment terms negotiation, transaction structural design, post-investment management, and investment exit strategies.

She has over ten years of experience in investment management with Shenzhen Capital Group, where she has served as General Manager of the Audit Department, Deputy Secretary of Risk Control Committee, Executive Assistant to Chairman, Standing Member of the Investment Committee, and as a Managing Director. In her illustrious career with Shenzhen Capital Group, she has reviewed thousands of investment proposals, due diligence reports and made a corresponding number of investment decisions for Shenzhen Capital Group’s projects.

She is very familiar with the capital markets of China, the United States, and Hong Kong and has developed vast resources and development capabilities in the international venture capital markets. Under the global expansion strategy of Shenzhen Capital Group, she initiated the establishment of West Fountain Parallel Fund, which has opened up Shenzhen Capital Group's direct overseas investments. Her excellent resource integration capabilities have built a valuable overseas investment platform for West Fountain and Shenzhen Capital Group, which strategically collaborates with some of the top investment institutions and innovation centers in the United States, Japan, Israel and EU. Because of her excellent project sourcing ability, she has help Shenzhen Capital Group and West Fountain to complete dozens of domestic and overseas high-quality investments and M&A transactions, of which many have gone public in the United States, China, and other global capital markets.