Our vision is to discover and cultivate unique companies.


We focus on four market sectors:
•    Consumer (internet, digitalization, productivity, education), 
•    Enterprise (SaaS/cloud, Infrastructure, data & analytics, cybersecurity), 
•    Hardtech (advanced manufacturing, semiconductor, robotics, new materials, new energy),
•    Healthcare (biopharma, devices, digital health).


West Fountain has established a global ecosystem to support portfolio companies and founders in achieving their vision. 

Industry Synergy
West Fountain has built a very strong ecosystem. We have established close ties with Shenzhen Capital Group’s 1,200  portfolio companies,more than 180 public listed companies, and world-leading technology companies. With these ties, West Fountain can integrate a large number of industry resources and introduce potential customers and partners to portfolio companies.

Global Expansion
West Fountain has established a global network of strategic partners. The fund works strategically and co-invests with top venture capital institutions in China, US, Canada, Japan, Israel, Europe, among other international regions. The fund brings together innovative technologies and companies together with the world’s top incubators, universities and research institutions, to further provide global resource integration for portfolio companies.

Strategic consultation
West Fountain helps companies optimize their growth, providing strategic consulting and resource integration and can recommend professional talents for management, and help portfolio companies achieve exits, either via IPO, merger and acquisitions, restructuring or financing.

Investor Club
In order to facilitate the communication among portfolio companies, West Fountain regularly organizes gatherings in a club like activity and invites portfolio companies, investment institutions, and industry experts & advisors to discuss the most cutting-edge technological innovation and industry trends.