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Investment Update : West Fountain Parallel Fund invested in Mesnac Co.,Ltd.


Image from MESNAC

In September 2016, Shenzhen Qianhai WanRongHongTu Capital Management Limited‘s China Parallel Fund (Limited Partnership) and Shenzhen Capital Group Company ("SCGC") completed their investment in MESNAC ("Soft Holdings"). The financing is a private placement, and the raised funds will be used for many projects such as tire equipment intelligent manufacturing base, industrial robot and phase II intelligent logistics system industrialization base.

Founded in 2000, MESNAC is a multinational group enterprise based on Qingdao University of Science and Technology. The company is committed to information equipment, industry applications, rubber new materials research and development and innovation, promote the development of industrial intelligence. It is able to provide rubber companies with software and hardware combined, control integrated information solutions, and is widely engaged in automatic logistics, Internet of things, chemical equipment, new rubber materials and other fields.

On October 18, 2006, MESNAC was listed and traded on the small and medium-sized board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The stock code is 002073. The number of shares issued was 18 million. The issue price was 26.00 yuan. Issue price / earnings ratio was 28.4500 times. Issue winning rate was 0.17%. Opening price on the first day was 50.50 yuan. Expected fund-raising: 468 million yuan. Actual fund raising: 468 million yuan.

"Made in China 2025" plan proposes intelligent manufacturing to be one of the main directions, and the core of intelligent manufacturing is the deep combination and integration of information technology, robot and equipment manufacturing process technology. With the continuous development of economic innovation and reform, the rubber machinery industry is in the transformation stage, and the development prospect of green tire industry is huge. West Fountain Parallel Fund believes that MESNAC products will meet the needs of technology upgrading and product upgrading of the industry and will usher in huge industry opportunities.