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Portfolio Update: Impact Therapeutics's Wee1 Inhibitor MP7068 approved for Phase 1 Clinical TrialKechow Pharma and Roche Pharmaceuticals Signed a Cooperation Agreement – to collaborate, Innovate and Focus on the Needs of Chinese Cancer Patients


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On August 2nd, 2021, Shanghai Kechow Pharmaceutical Research and Development Co., Ltd (“Kechow Pharma”) and Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (“Roche”) signed a cooperation agreement outlining their future collaborative efforts, which is expected to bring great news to the majority of domestic cancer patients. The two parties will jointly promote the market layout of oncology drugs, improve product accessibility, all intended to better serve the vast number of cancer patients in China. The West Fountain Parallel Fund invested in Kechow Pharma in September 2020. The purpose of this cooperation agreement is to utilize the two companies’ respective advantages in medical innovation and market development, to integrate the respective resources, to jointly advance research in the field of cancer therapy, and to provide high-quality clinical solutions for cancer patients, all with the hope to further increase the availability of Zobovo® in China and benefit domestic melanoma patients.

Kechow Pharma has a R&D pipeline of MEK inhibitors (MEK inhibitors are important targeted drugs for the MARK pathway), which are making substantial progress with wide indication coverage, and it has the potential to become Best-in-Class among domestic companies. Roche is a world-leading biotechnology company headquartered in Switzerland with a long history of 125 years. Combining the unique advantages of pharmacy and diagnostics, Roche is committed to promoting scientific progress and improving human life through personalized medicine.

Zobovo® is the first highly selective BRAF inhibitor approved in the Chinese market. It has a well established curative effect in the treatment of BRAF V600 mutation-positive unresectable or metastatic melanoma. Melanoma is a rare disease in China, with an incidence of 0.6 per 100,000l; however, this number has been on the rise in recent years. Unlike the West, melanoma in China is more malignant. Zobovo® can selectively and strongly combine with carcinogenic BRAF kinase to stop cancer cells from growing or even die, thereby inhibiting and destroying tumors. In March 2017, Zobovo® was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration and successfully entered the National Medical Insurance Catalogue in 2018.

Kechow Pharma has long been committed to the discovery and development of targeted drugs and therapies for the treatment of cancer and immune diseases, especially in BRAF V600 mutation-positive unresectable or metastatic melanoma. Kechow Pharma continues to increase investment in the oncology drugs commercialization platform and has a professional oncology drug commercialization team. The cooperation between the two parties is set up to achieve complementary advantages and resource sharing, and jointly benefit Chinese melanoma patients.

With the accelerated development today, China's pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading, and win-win cooperation between pharmaceutical companies has become the mainstream trend of the industry. Ms. Hong Zhou, President of Roche Pharmaceuticals China, and Dr. Hongqi Tian, Chairman of Kechow Pharma, both expressed confidence and high expectations for the cooperation between the two parties, hoping to work together to promote research in the field of oncology, stimulate the global potential of both parties, complement each other with the advantages each party brings and to improve the quality of new drug research and development, with the goal of eventually benefiting a wider range of cancer patients.