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Investment Update:West Fountain led Angel Round of Langjie Rui


Image from Langjie Rui

Langjie Rui (Suzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd (“Langjie Rui”) recently completed an angel round of financing of 50 million yuan. This round of financing was led by the West Fountain Investment Fund (a domestic RMB fund under the West Fountain Sino-US Fund) and Junshang Capital, with a follow-on investment from Suzhou Industrial Park Innovation Fund. The capital raised in this round will primarily be used to promote the development of Langjie Rui's two Phase I clinical pipeline products.
Langjie Rui was established in December 2020 and is committed to the development of novel metabolic checkpoint regulators. Its products focus on the development of innovative drugs for major chronic diseases that are closely related to metabolic checkpoints, including cancer, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, polyarteritis and phlebitis, aging, and other illnesses.
Langjie Rui always adheres to its vision and mission of taking health as its foundation, oriented by clinical needs, driven by innovation, and focusing on metabolic checkpoint regulators. It aims to build the company into a leading biopharmaceutical enterprise, persisting in continuous innovation and leadership.
West Fountain stated that “Langjie Rui is a major leading project in the Suzhou Industrial Park and has received high attention and support from the government. Its founding team has a complete disciplinary system and has cooperated seamlessly over decades. Its core products cover major diseases closely related to metabolic checkpoints, involving targets such as ACAT1, SIRT2, OXCT1, etc. At West Founatain, we believe that the Langjie Rui team can lead the company to continuously promote product pipeline research and development, providing revolutionary innovative therapies for patients. We look forward to witnessing and helping Langjie Rui's innovation, growth, and surpassing in the field of metabolic checkpoints”.

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