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West Fountain portfolio company Analogix Semiconductor completed a Pre-IPO round of financing of 1.5 billion yuan


Image from Analogix

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc., (“Analogix), has recently completed a Pre-IPO round of financing of 1.5 billion yuan. This round of financing was jointly led by Shenzhen Venture Capital, China Merchants Bureau National Service Trade Fund and China Merchants Securities Investment. Other investors include West Fountain Global Fund LP, TCL, Lianhe Capital, Huakong Fund, Xiamen Venture Capital, GF Xinde, Hengqin Jintou, Huitianfu Fund, Xingyin Capital, Xinyin Tongxi, among others.
Analogix was established in March 2002 and is a well-known semiconductor technology company with over 20 years of history in internationally leading chip technology. It focuses on the research, development and technology expansion of high-definition display, IPs and high-speed data transmission chips and related protocols. It is a major standard setter and contributor to the DisplayPort transmission protocol, an important participant and contributor to the USB transmission standard, and an important provider of HDMI standard solutions. Notably, Analogix is a member of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and chairs the VR/AR SIG standard working group. It has laid out the underlying technology supporting augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse and other new display fields early on.
Mr. Yuan Yipei, president of Zhongqing XinXin, the largest shareholder of the company, and the rotating president of XinXin Leasing, stated that “Analogix is a global leader in high-speed transmission and high-definition display chips, and is an IC design company with interface IP reserves and chip capabilities in related fields. Its core products have a clear advantage in the global market. Zhongqing XinXin is an industry holding and fund management platform under XinXin Leasing that focuses on integrated circuit semiconductors and other high-tech fields. We are pleased to see Analogix's development speed has greatly accelerated in recent years, with revenues reaching historical highs for consecutive quarters. Zhongqing XinXin is willing to support leading domestic technology companies like Analogix in concert with many excellent institutions in the industry, to help domestic industries continue to grow and strengthen. We are confident in the future development of the company”.
Mr. Zuo Ding, the president of Shenzhen Venture Capital, a lead investor in the lates financing, stated that “as a leading mixed-signal integrated circuit design company in the industry, Analogix offers highly competitive chip products, with customers around the globe, and has the potential to become a great enterprise. Shenzhen Venture Capital will assist the company in interfacing and cooperating with domestic industries to promote the company's steady development. In the future, it is certain that China will follow the path of independent innovation, and Shenzhen Venture Capital will continue to strengthen its investment in the hard technology track”.
Mr. Huang Huang, the general manager of the National Service Trade Fund's TMT Investment Department, stated that “as a national-level industry fund, the Service Trade Fund has participated in investing in a number of domestically leading companies with a global vision and leading technology, supporting them to open up the global market. Analogix stands out among them. After years of accumulation and honing, its team has deep technical reserves and an internationally leading market position in the field of mixed-signal transmission. Analogix's steady development provides a benchmark and sets an example for many domestic hard-tech innovative companies. The National Service Trade Fund is fortunate to become a shareholder of Analogix, and looks forward to witnessing the further growth, transcendence, and soaring of the company”.
Analogix CEO, Mr. Li Xudong, stated that “what sets Analogix apart from other semiconductor companies is that all of its core IPs are self-developed and can be licensed to others. Analogix's chips are globally leading in technology, and its self-developed IP is second to none worldwide, being used by the world's most central consumer electronics brands. As the global market trends towards ubiquitous and high-end displays, Analogix continues to cultivate the future of "everything is displayed" and connect the metaverse, providing top-notch technical products”.

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