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Portfolio Update: Impact Therapeutics's Wee1 Inhibitor MP7068 approved for Phase 1 Clinical Trial


Image from Nanjing Impact Therapeutics

Nanjing Impact Therapeutics, a portfolio company of West Fountain Parallel Fund, announced yesterday that the company's self-developed Wee1 inhibitor IMP7068 with global intellectual property rights has been awarded the China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) clinical trial approval, a phase 1 clinical study will be launched in China, aiming to evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetic characteristics and preliminary efficacy of IMP7068 as a single agent in subjects with advanced solid tumors. Previously, IMP7068 has launched a phase 1 clinical study in the United States.

Impact Therapeutics was established in 2009, based on the DNA damage repair pathway (DDR) independent research and development platform, and is committed to the development of new targeted anti-cancer drugs with independent intellectual property rights. In addition to IMP7068, the company's other product pipelines also include PARP inhibitors (IMP4297), other DDR target inhibitors, and Hedgehog pathway inhibitors (IMP5471). At present, all varieties are independently developed, and the company has global rights and interests. Among them, the most mature research and development project, the PARP inhibitor IMP4297, has been launched in Phase III clinical trials in China, and early clinical data has shown better safety of its kind and a wider treatment window.

Dr. Zhiyi Xie, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Impact Therapeutics said:

"It is exciting that IMP7068 has been approved by the National Medical Products Administration to enter clinical trials in China. This gives us the opportunity to further verify the multiple advantages of IMP7068 in preclinical trials in clinical trials. This is the company's critical milestone of the synthetic lethal product pipeline. China is one of the important markets for the company to implement its global development strategy. We will implement the concept of seamless design of clinical trials and active communication with regulatory agencies and do our best to promote rapid product development and benefit more patients."

West Fountain Parallel Fund is firmly optimistic about the potential of Impact's products to make global breakthrough, looking forward to its IPO and seeing it serve more patients around the world