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Investment Update : West Fountain Parallel Fund invested in Ripcord and to further its involvement in digitalization


In December 2020, West Fountain completed the investment in Silicon Valley information digitization company Ripcord and Israeli AI customer acquisition robot company Exceed AI (Exceed). The investment in these two companies expanded the fund’s footprint in the digital industry.

Ripcord is the world's only software and hardware integrated full-process information content management solution provider. Its products can provide downstream RPA manufacturers with highly standardized information and truly empower RPA software. With a diversified team, strong technical barriers and excellent business model, Ripcord has received investment from many prestigious institutions such as Silicon Valley's top investment institutions KPCB and Google Ventures. The shareholders include Apple co-founder Wozniak. As an industry leader, Ripcord also successfully established a joint venture with Fuji Xerox in Japan in 2020 to promote digitalization in Asia-Pacific. We believe that Ripcord will become a leader in the digital field in the future, creating disruptive digital solutions for enterprises.

Exceed is an Israeli robotics company for AI marketing and has been named one of the "Top 25 Machine Learning Startups in the World in 2021" by the Forbes website. This time, West Fountain led the company's A round, followed by Glilot Capital, a prestigious Israeli investment institution, and founders of well-known US public companies. As part of the RPA ecosystem, Exceed's solutions enrich the digital application scenarios of enterprises and empower the digital transformation of enterprises.

As the semiconductor industry blossoms, West Fountain Parallel Fund has begun to expand its footprint in the digital transformation field in the past two years. Through in-depth research on UiPath, the leading company on the track, it invested in the domestic RPA leading enterprise Cloud Expansion Technology at the beginning of 2020 and completed the investment of Ripcord and Exceed before the end of the year, up the upstream and downstream of the RPA industry. Moving forward, West Fountain Parallel Fund will continue to make a deep layout in the field of digital transformation, discovering and empowering great companies in the field of digitalization.