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Company News: West Fountain Parallel Fund's Second IPO: Bestechnic listed on STAR board


Listing Ceremony

On December 16, Bestechnic (stock code: 688608), a leading domestic smart audio chip supplier, was listed on the STAR board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the West Fountain Parallel Fund's first domestic portfolio company listed in 2020. After the well-known 3D printing equipment company Desktop Metal invested by the overseas parallel fund West Fountain landed on the New York Stock Exchange on December 10, Bestechnic became West Fountain Parallel Fund's second listed portfolio company in 2020.

Bestechnic is the world's leading supplier of smart audio chips, focusing on the R&D, design, and sales of smart audio chips, providing customers with edge smart master control platform chips with voice interaction capabilities in AIoT.

West Fountain's investment in Bestechnic reflects the Parallel Fund's emphasis on the smart chip and semiconductor industry and recognition of Bestechnic's team, technology, and development prospects. With deep knowledge and understanding of the chip and semiconductor industries, West Fountain Parallel Fund team aims to use capital as a link to drive the chip industry, achieve industrial synergy, and promote the rapid and sustainable development of portfolio companies, while enabling the optimization and optimization of smart chips.