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Investment Update : West Fountain Parallel Fund invested in Series C+ of Impact Therapeutics


Image from Impact Therapeutics

In August 2020, West Fountain completed its C+ round investment in Nanjing Impact Therapeutics by Junshi Bio. Other investors include Ansett Asset Management, Zhenji Capital, Cipla, the original investors Eli Lilly Asia Fund, and Chinasummit Capital.

Dr. Bao Jun, CEO of Impact Therapeutics, said, "As one of the global leaders in the field of synthetic lethality, Impact Therapeutics is in a stage of rapid growth. Impact Therapeutics is the only company that has both PARP inhibitors and other DDR targets. It is an innovative biomedical research and development company for inhibitors. 2021 is an important turning point for the company. In addition to carrying out a series of clinical trials in the United States, the company will also plan an IPO."

Established in June 2009, Impact is an independent research and development platform for synthetic lethality and DNA damage response (DDR) drugs. It builds the most extensive DDR product portfolio among global biotechnology companies and is gradually expanding to more synthetic lethal new targets.

The company's product line includes PARP inhibitors (IMP4297), Weel inhibitors (IMP7068), other DDR target inhibitors, and Hedgehog pathway inhibitors (IMP5471). All of its varieties are independently developed and have global rights and interests. The most mature R&D project, PARP inhibitor IMP4297, is a 1.1-type new chemical drug.

Public information shows that Senaparib (IMP4297) is a PARP inhibitor independently developed by Impact Therapeutics. Phase I clinical studies have been conducted in China and Australia, respectively, covering indications such as advanced ovarian cancer and advanced small cell lung cancer. Presented at the 2019 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting.

So far, more than 100 patients with advanced cancer have received IMP4297 treatment. Preliminary clinical results show that IMP4297 has a broader treatment window and better safety than similar products. It is suitable for long-term use of patients or used in combination with other anti-cancer drugs. It has the best-in-class drug potential.

Dr. Li Ning, CEO of Leading Investor Fang Junshi Bio, said: "Impact has a very promising product pipeline layout in the field of synthetic lethality, and has gradually shown remarkable progress in recent years, allowing us to see rising stars. The momentum and vitality of the company. I look forward to working with Impact Therapeutics to jointly help the formation of a local innovation ecosystem so that our scientific and technological innovation results will continue to benefit patients in China and the world."