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Investment Update : West Fountain Parallel Fund invested in China's IC design leader Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics


Image from Fudan Microelectronics Group

In July 2020, West Fountain and Shenzhen Capital Group completed its investment in Fudan Microelectronics Group.
Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group is engaged in the design, development, and system solutions of VLSI circuits. In July 1998, Fudan University's "State Key Laboratory of Application Specific Integrated Circuits and Systems," Shanghai Commercial Investment Corporation, and a group of entrepreneurs dreamed of creating China's best-integrated circuit design company (chip design) jointly initiated the establishment of Fudan Microelectronic. Since its establishment, the company has successfully established a pivotal position in the domestic IC design industry. The company was listed in Hong Kong on August 4, 2000 (stock code: 1385), becoming the first listed company in the domestic integrated circuit design industry.
Fudan Microelectronics Group has now formed four mature product lines and system solutions for security and identification, smart meters, non-volatile memory, and smart appliances. The products are sold in more than 30 countries and regions. Security and identification products are widely used in finance, social security, urban public transportation, electronic certificates, mobile payments, anti-counterfeiting traceability, and other fields, occupying a significant market share. Fudan Microelectronics Group has integrated its scientific research capabilities in implementing the national network and information security strategy, continuously innovated in security encryption and information data processing, and achieved new results. In terms of smart meters, the company combines the national smart grid construction strategy and the development trend of the IoT to develop a core MCU control chip with independent intellectual property rights, breaking the long-term foreign monopoly; the non-volatile memory chip product line fully covers EEPROM, FLASH memory series, EEPROM The market share ranks first in China, and the high-reliability FLASH memory has unique characteristics. The leakage protection chip in innovative electrical products has a complete range and superior performance. It is the leading supplier in China. At the same time, Fudan Microelectronics Group provides various high-reliability applications Kinds of products and solutions.

Fudan Microelectronics Group is based on independent core technology, guided by the Internet, digital and intelligent applications, and comprehensively integrated, separate and controllable as its core advantages, and is committed to providing global users with smart and quality life.
Fudan Microelectronics Group is a well-known trademark enterprise in Shanghai, a high-tech benchmark enterprise, and an intellectual property demonstration enterprise. It is also a nationally recognized post-doctoral mobile workstation enterprise and an integrated circuit enterprise within the national planning layout. Fudan Microelectronics Group is also the designated technology sponsor of the International Special Olympics Games and the "Best Small and Medium-sized Listed Enterprise" selected by the editor of Forbes Asia.