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Portfolio Update: ASR Microelectronics received 2019 China IoT Technology Innovation Award and new product ASR6500s released


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On December 6, at the "OFweek 2019 (4th) China, IoT Industry Conference", hosted by OFweek, a hub for China's high-tech industry, and hosted by OFweek IoT, from ASR's LoRa+WiFi single-channel gateway and LoRa D2D protocol won the "Veken Cup·OFweek 2019 China IoT Industry Innovative Technology Product Award".

Established in April 2015, ASR has won many industry awards. This year, the LoRa+WiFi single-channel gateway that won the award is based on the two chip designs ASR5502A and ASR6505 launched by ASR this year ASR5502A is WiFi (802.11b/g/n). The SoC chip supports the Packet Forwarder function and realizes the full integration of the WiFi system under the IoT application; 2 ASR6505 are LoRa low-cost SiP chips, respectively used for LoRa uplink and downlink data transmission and reception.

Supporting the self-developed LoRa D2D protocol, the ASR LoRa+WiFi single-channel gateway protocol layer pioneered the use of CAD detection mode to achieve window opening time within 500ms, truly achieving sub-second applications and meeting the immediate requirements of door locks, lights, etc. High-scene use requirements have achieved comprehensive coverage, low power consumption, low cost, simple operation and maintenance, and stable and reliable applications.

Innovative solution integration ability to meet multi-faceted IoT applications

ASR is a platform company focusing on mobile intelligent communication terminals (3G/4G/5G), IoT, artificial intelligence, navigation, and other consumer electronic chips. It supports the provision of complete system chip SoC solutions. In addition to the award-winning LoRa+WiFi solution, ASR also provides LoRa+GNSS for outdoor objects and personnel positioning, LoRa+BLE for indoor things and personnel positioning, multi-channel low-cost LoRa+4G software and hardware gateways, etc., and continues to exert its solution integration capabilities and product software. Advantages of hardware research and development.

ASR expands the application range of products through the integration of multi-chips and multi-technology, breaking the single functional barrier of a single product; fully satisfying smart buildings (smoke detectors, fire hydrants, etc.), smart offices (workstation cards, work cards, etc.), smart homes (door Locks, temperature and humidity, infrared, etc.), smart supermarkets (temperature and humidity, door sensors, etc.), asset tracking (tags, personnel management), smart communities (garden irrigation canals, personnel positioning) and other full-scene interconnection requirements.

New product: ASR6500S officially launched

On December 6, while its LoRa+WiFi product won the "Veco Cup·OFweek 2019 China IoT Industry Innovative Technology Product Award", ASR officially opened its doors to the outside world with the help of the "OFweek 2019 (Fourth) China IoT Industry Conference" platform and launched the new ASR6500S chip.

The ASR6500S chip adopts an ultra-small package size of 8mm*8mm, a transmit power of 21dBm, supports a receiving sensitivity of <-138dBm, supports LoRa D2D private protocol, provides LoRa RF bottom driver and LoRaWAN, and has lower transmit power ( 116mA@22dBm) and receiving power consumption (5.8mA).

In terms of application, ASR6500S is very competitive. It supports the chip to be directly attached to the PCB, which can effectively reduce the cost and meet the small size requirements of the module and PCB. The supported 470M/868M/915M multi-frequency band can make the chip at the same time to meet the requirements of different standards at home and abroad; in addition, it also provides customers with a turnkey solution from the RF front end to the protocol stack, which makes RF debugging easy and labor-saving. It can be matched with various main control chips to meet the needs of different IoT scenarios, and LoRa localization makes the product even more powerful.

Recently, after the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Document No. 52, there have been various voices in the market regarding the prospect of LoRa. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology document No. 52 is not aimed at LoRa technology but regulates all micro-power wireless products. The document stipulates the available frequency bands of LoRa. ASR Senior Marketing Director Jia Wei believes that the release of Document 52 is to set standards and specifications for the future development of LoRa. Only in this way can LoRa go further.

Jia Wei further explained that document 52 announced that LoRa's dedicated frequency band is 470-510MHz, which indirectly reflects the compliance of LoRa's future use, and the civil metering standards involved in the document stipulate that "limited to buildings and residential communities and "Scenarios for networking applications in small areas such as villages and towns," which align with the product strategy of ASR's single-channel gateway and LoRa indoor protocol.

It is reported that ASR obtained the exclusive LoRa IP authorization in Greater China in 2018. At the same time, in conjunction with the release of the ASR650X series of chips and integration solutions, the IP-based LoRa SoC chips will be available soon. ASR's local LoRa technology and application integration capabilities are gradually highlighted, and technology is the forerunner. The direction of the IoT market, empowering and assisting massive IoT connections.