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Company News: 12 investment projects of Shenzhen Capital Gourp and its funds won the National Quality Investment Project Award, and 1 project won a special award


On October 15, 2019, the 2018-2019 national outstanding investment project commendation event hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission and hosted by the China Investment Association was held in Luoyang, Henan, to commend 140 fixed asset investment, venture capital and equity for investment projects, Shenzhen Capital and its funds won 1 special national outstanding investment project award and 12 national outstanding investment project awards.

This year 4 venture capital projects won the National Outstanding Investment Project Award. The investment project declared by Shenzhen Capital Group was one of them; 54 venture capital and equity investment projects won the National Outstanding Investment Project Award. Among them, Shenzhen Capital Group and its fund investment projects accounted for 12, including West Fountain Parallel Fund’s investment in ASR.

In addition to venture capital and equity projects, 8 fixed asset investment projects including the main project of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge won special awards, and 74 fixed asset investment projects won the National Outstanding Investment Project Award. All of the 140 award-winning projects involve 10 major industries including agriculture, mining, manufacturing, power, construction, transportation, scientific research, water conservancy, venture capital, and equity investment. They are across 23 provinces and districts. The regional coverage is relatively extensive. In addition to domestic projects, there are also 4 overseas projects on the list.

According to Chai Shougang, vice chairman of the China Investment Association and director of the National Outstanding Investment Project Promotion and Commendation Office, the common characteristics of the award-winning projects are compliance with the national industrial development policy and involvement in the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue" published by the National Development and Reform Commission. Energy conservation, environmental protection, low-carbon economy, and sustainable development are the main themes of the award-winning projects; also, these award-winning entities have always adhered to independent innovation in the construction of the project, respectively in systematic innovation, institutional innovation, mechanism innovation, and technological innovation; furthermore, they created economic benefits, social benefits, environmental benefits, and ecological benefits as leading investors in China.

The promotion of national outstanding investment projects is established by the Inter-Ministerial Joint Meeting of the State Council in 2009 and maintained by the National Development and Reform Commission. The China Investment Association is responsible for organizing, promoting and reviewing of these outstanding investment applications. Since the first outstanding investment promotion initiative in 2006, a total of 544 investment projects are recognized.

300 people in total participated in the event, including Yang Qingwei, President of the China Investment Association, He Jiayu, Director of the National Outstanding Investment Project Appraisal Committee, along with the government officials from Luoyang City, and representatives of award-winning units. Shen Zhiqun, Vice President of China Investment Association and Chairman of Venture Capital Committee ran the meeting.