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Investment Update : West Fountain Parallel Fund invested in new round of Ambiq Micro


Image from Ambiq Micro

In August 2019, West Fountain Global Fund LP ("West Fountain"), an offshore parallel fund to West Fountain Parallel Fund, completed a new investment round in Ambiq Micro, Inc ("Ambiq Micro"). Prior to this, West Fountain participated in Ambiq Micro's Series D and Series E financing in June 2017 and July 2018, respectively.

Founded in January 2010, Ambiq Micro, Inc. is a leading global IoT chip design company focused on developing ultra-low power chip products with the world's lowest power SPOT chip technology. SPOT technology redefines ultra-low power semiconductor and establishes a new standard for chips that enable lower power consumption. Ambiq Micro has become a leader in this field.

Ambiq Micro announced the next generation Apollo3 Blue Wireless SoC, running at sub 6 µA/ MHz in January 2019. The device features an ARM Cortex M4F core running at up to 96 MHz, integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE5) and offers some updated peripherals, additional memory and advanced DMA engine. BLE5 uses separate kernel processing, so host CPUs do not share resources. The SoC has 1 MB flash memory, 384 KB SRAM and 16 KB cache.

Another key feature of Apollo3 is the use of what Ambiq calls TurboSPOT, Super Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology. This technology is essential because it is very difficult to implement SPOT technology at higher frequencies. Apollo 2 and Apollo 2 Blue devices can operate at 48 MHz. Turbo provides enhancements so that Appllo3 blue can run at 96 MHz while maintaining the same process node.

Ambiq micro notes that the power consumption of Apollo 3 is significantly higher than that of Apollo 2 at 48 MHz, but it is certain that Apollo 3 can still beat its competitors with considerable advantages. Turbospot allows customers to accelerate their equipment when needed, but still remain highly efficient.

West Fountain Parallel Fund believes that: Ambiq Micro has a top team, management and absolute technology leading edge in the industry. We are firmly optimistic about the future of Ambiq Micro and will continue to help its rapid development.