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Company News: Shenzhen Capital Group at China (Shenzhen) - Germany (Munich) Economy and Technology Partnership Conference and signed partner agreement


On June 19, 2019, the China (Shenzhen)-Germany (Munich) Economic, Trade and Technical Partnership Exchange Conference was held in Munich, Germany. 9 Sino-German partnership projects were signed. Shenzhen Capital Group signed a strategic partnership agreement with Codasip GmbH, a German technology company. In early 2019, West Fountain took the lead in co-investing Codasip GmbH with Shenzhen Capital Group.

Witnessed by Deputy Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Yue, Chinese Consul General in Munich, Roland Wiggott, member of the Cabinet of Bavaria, Germany and State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ni Zewang, Chairman of Shenzhen Capital Group, signed the contract on behalf of Capital Group.

According to the agreement, Shenzhen Capital Group and Codasip GmbH will strengthen the docking of resources to help the latter set up a Chinese subsidiary in Shenzhen, establish cooperative relationships with well-known Chinese companies, especially large Chinese customers, and enhance the depth and breadth of its expansion in the Chinese market; Codasip GmbH will help Shenzhen Capital Group expand its exchanges with German companies and expand its investment business in Germany.

Before the meeting, Secretary Wang Weizhong met with Karel Masarik, the founder and CEO of Codasip GmbH, to learn more about the company. Codasip GmbH is the world's leading RISC-V processor architecture design automation tool developer. Its unique modular design can provide customers with tailor-made solutions, which are convenient for customers to modify and test the CPU design and allow users to choose their own solutions, optimizing power efficiency and speed. In early 2019, West Fountain took the lead in co-investing the company with Shenzhen Capital Group.

With the theme of "Bay Area Partnership for a Win-Win Future", this partnership meeting will focus on industry 4.0, high-end manufacturing, technological innovation and vocational education and other fields, aiming to strengthen the pragmatism between Shenzhen and Bavaria, Germany. The partnership will promote both parties to achieve higher quality, higher level of complementary advantages and mutual benefit and win-win results.

During his stay in Germany, the chairman of Shenzhen Capital Group, Ni Zewang, led a team to conduct multi-party exchanges and visited ARQIS, a well-known German law firm in the field of venture capital M&A as well as Speedinvest, a leading European early-stage venture capital institution, for an in-depth exchange with these venture capital firms’ investment management model, explored partnership opportunities between the two sides, and inspected German voice emotion artificial intelligence technology company, a new generation of intelligent industrial robot company along with many other high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing startups.