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Investment Update : West Fountain Parallel Fund invested in Series A of world leading RISC-V IP provider Codasip GmbH


Image from Codasip

In January 2019, West Fountain Global Fund LP ("West Fountain"), an offshore parallel fund of West Fountain Parallel Fund, and Shenzhen Capital Group Company, Ltd. (“SCGC”) completed a Series A investment in Codasip GmbH ("Codasip"), a world-leading RISC-V processor IP provider, together with other investors including Ventech Capital, Paua Ventures and strategic investor Western Digital.

Codasip is a leading provider of RISC-V processor IP and joined the RISC-V Foundation in 2015, focuses on RISC-V related business, specialising in RISC-V based IP core design and design software development.

The company has its own self-developed processor architecture design automation tool, which utilises a unique modular design to provide tailor-made solutions for customers, enabling them to easily modify and test CPU designs, allowing users to choose their own solutions to optimise and balance area, power consumption and speed.

The company has a mature and experienced team, with core members having more than 10 years of experience, from Cadence, ARM, IMEC, Tensilica, etc. The company has been in the RISC-V industry since its inception to conduct relevant research and design, and its products have been validated by Sony, Qualcomm, AMD, Analogix, Mobileye, Microchip, etc.

In the future, West Fountain Parallel Fund plans to introduce Codasip to Shenzhen, effectively promoting the construction of Shenzhen Semiconductor Industrial Park, gathering world-class research and development technology, engineering design and commercial application forces to build a semiconductor industry cluster in Shenzhen.