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Investment Update : West Fountain Parallel Fund invested in Series A of Afficient Academy


Image from Afficient Academy

In June 2018, West Fountain Global Fund LP("West Fountain") and Shenzhen Capital Group Company ("SCGC") completed A round investment in American online education company Affiliated Academy, Inc ("Affiliated Academy").
Headquartered in California, Afficient Academy is committed to combining artificial intelligence and machine learning to create the best learning system. Aiming at Kumon, the world's largest after-school counseling center, Afficient Academy fully analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of Kumon's teaching and business model, and then develops a set of unique personalized teaching course learning system with artificial intelligence and big data as the core, which has been approved by the U.S. National Patent Office (patent number 9818306).

The basic process of the Affinity Academy course includes computer program demonstration and explains new knowledge points to help users learn new content. Then the computer automatically provides exercises related to knowledge points to deepen understanding. According to the results of the exercises, the computer program immediately provides feedback on self-learning results. Through the analysis of the data, artificial intelligence can accurately find the weakness of students in learning, and then develop personalized learning programs to focus on the weak points. Results oriented learning, and ultimately enable students to master all the knowledge points.

Affinity Academy has developed math courses for grades 2 through 11 in U.S. K-12 and pre-test tutoring for U.S. private middle and high school entrance exams, and will also introduce U.S. college entrance exams and standard testing programs in the future. Starting in Silicon Valley, California, the company plans to use direct learning centers, affiliate learning centers, teaching software licensing, and online pre-test coaching programs to expand rapidly across the U.S., Asia, and around the world,