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Company News: West Fountain Parallel Fund Relocats. Grateful for All Your Support


On April 28, West Fountain Parallel Fund held a grand relocation and unveiling ceremony at the Shenzhen Branch Building of China Merchants Bank. Ni Zewang, Chairman of Shenzhen Capital Group, Li Li, Chief Partner of West Fountain Parallel Fund, Lv Hua, Chairman of Shum Yip Shenzhen Eternal Asia Zhou Guohui, Chairman of Supply Chain Co., Ltd. ("Eternal Asia Group"), and others, attended the event.

West Fountain Parallel Fund was established in 2017. It is the largest parallel fund established by Shenzhen Venture Capital. The total scale is equivalent to RMB 4 billion, with RMB 2 billion and US$300 million. The domestic part, West Fountain China Parallel Fund, and the overseas part, West Fountain, are engaged in high-tech venture capital and cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

Since the registration of the West Fountain Parallel Fund, it has made bold attempts to invest in overseas projects. It has successively invested in well-known American high-tech companies such as Desktop Metal, Wave Computing, Ambiq Micro and partnered with ASR to acquire Marvell Technologies, a US company. The communications chip department. These investment companies cover 3D printing, data stream processors, ultra-low-power radio frequency chips, mobile phone communication chips, and other industries. They all have excellent founder teams and strong technical backgrounds and represent the future technology development direction in their respective fields.

West Fountain Parallel Fund partners and its portfolio companies sent congratulatory messages and sent flower baskets as blessings.

After the unveiling ceremony, West Fountain Parallel Fund and Futian District Government, Shenzhen Capital Group, Shum Yip Group, Duty-Free Group, and China Merchants Bank successively reached strategic cooperation intentions, agreeing to provide high-quality services for fund establishment, project discovery, and innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises to build further strategic partnerships.