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Investment Update : West Fountain Parallel Fund invested in Series B+ of early cancer detection company GRAIL


Image from Grail

In November 2017, West fountain Global Fund LP ("West fountain") and Shenzhen Capital Group Company ("SCGC") completed B + round investment in American early cancer diagnostic company Grail, Inc. ("Grail"), and other investors included well-known investor Arch Venture Partners, Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Amazon.

Grail, a San Francisco-based start-up, is committed to developing a blood test to test patients who have not yet developed cancer symptoms in the curable stage, so as to reduce the mortality of cancer patients worldwide. Grail's parent company Illumina is the world's leading supplier of DNA sequencing equipment, which can help scientists and doctors study human biology, diagnose rare genetic diseases and provide cancer treatment options.

Grail is born with the advantage of standing on the shoulders of giants. Mr. Jay Flatley, current director of Grail and executive director of its parent company Illumina, said, "we set up Grail a year ago, hoping to use Illumina's DNA sequencing technology to detect the early stage of cancer through blood-based screening tests. With the completion of financing, it can provide the company with resources needed to develop its first product, and it will also provide strong support for large-scale clinical trials in the UK. "

In the past, in order to detect the tumor, we needed to slice the tumor, often using surgical biopsy and puncture biopsy, while patients needed to bear the pain. Later, researchers find that circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) will be released when the tumor cells rupture in tumor patients. The blood derived DNA fragment sequence can be compared with the sequence of known tumor mutation genes to obtain more tumor information, which has clinical significance for tumor early diagnostic, drug use and other aspects.

West Fountain Parallel Fund believes for medical system and patients all over the world, early detection of cancer has always been an unknown field and a long-awaited medical product. Grail's technology and products will have a huge impact on healthcare and public health. We believe that Grail has chosen a difficult but great track and will create value for patients, families and medical fields in the future.