Trading Analyst

Job Location

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

March 31, 2021, 7:00:00 AM

About the job

Master degree or above with no age limit


1. Timely and accurate implementation of the listed company’s stock exit trading orders, follow-up inquiry and trading work to complete the trading task on time;

2. Report the important information of the bond market to the investment manager and managing partner in time, and put forward the trading suggestion;

3. Has the ability to work independently, and creates the benefit in the trading;

4. Fill in the transaction file and summarize the daily transactions, give timely report and feedback of transaction, do a good job of data collation and analysis of various transactions;

5. Finish other specific work with exit or department head.


1. Master degree or above in economics, finance or related field;

2. 1 + years working experience in securities trading, familiar with the rules and regulations of stock exchange and related laws and regulations, understand the operation process of bond trading business, have strong ability to resist pressure and execute transactions;

3. Familiar with trading system software, familiar with various office software;

4. Have good market analysis judgment ability and strain ability;

5. Experience in dealing with banks, funds, securities firms and other financial institutions.