Zhiwu Yuan

Job Title

Zhiwu is the current chairman of West Fountain Capital Management Limited and a permanent member of the Investment Committee. He has served as a board member and the chief financial director at Shenzhen Capital Group; board member and financial director of Shenzhen Science and Technology Park Group; board member and financial director of Shenzhen Cereal Group; and board member of Shenzhen Water Group, among other board seats. Zhiwu has more than 30 years of experience in corporate management, financial management, investment and financing, and capital market operations. Not only has he lead the management, operation, and listing of large state-owned enterprises, he also has substantial experience in the management of venture capital institutions and investment into small & medium-sized companies. He has served as the financial director and board member during some of the most challenging times for Shenzhen Capital Group, supporting it to overcome those difficult times. Because of his contributions, Zhiwu was awarded the Special Contribution Award by Shenzhen Capital Group on its 10th anniversary. Zhiwu is currently responsible for fund operation and management, focusing on finance, risk control, investment decision-making, and supervision of project investment.