Vincent Tai

Vincent is currently serving as the chairman and CEO of ASR Microelectronics which he founded in 2015. Vincent has extensive experience in the field of wireless communication chips and the evolution of wireless communication networks, from the 2G era to the 5G era. Vincent fully understands the technology and market development of the communications industry, and his experience allows him to provide companies with valuable strategic plans for growth and development. Vincent served as the CEO of UMAX Technology Corporation in the United States from 1990 to 2001; he founded the Silicon Valley linear power amplifier developer USI in 2001; he founded RDA Microelectronics (Nasdaq: RDA) in 2004, served as its Chairman until 2013. RDA was later acquired by Tsinghua Unigroup. Vincent has a Master of electrical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago.